Frequently Asked Questions:


How does Phigolf WGT Edition by Topgolf work?

The Phigolf sensor can either be inserted into the top of a golf club or the included Phigolf swing stick. Once turned on and synced up you can use 2 apps: WGT Golf and Phigolf.

The sensor works by analyzing your movement and replicating it in the game. This means your golf swing controls the avatar!

For the quick start video and quick start guide click here.

What’s included in the box?

  • 1x Phigolf sensor
  • 1x Phigolf swing stick
  • 1x USB charging cable

What is the difference between Phigolf and WGT?

Phigolf and WGT are completely separate apps available to download. They have different graphics, courses and game modes. Make the most out of your Phigolf WGT Edition by Topgolf and download and play both apps.

Find out more about WGT Golf App here.
Find out more about Phigolf App here.

How heavy is the Phigolf swing stick?

The Phigolf swing stick weighs 460g.

Can I use my real golf clubs to play Phigolf WGT edition?

Yes you can, however we think it is much more fun to use the swing stick as otherwise you would need to swap out your clubs for each shot. Phigolf is meant to be fun and easy! However it is not recommended to hit a golf ball during game play as this interferes with results

Can hit golf balls whilst playing with the Phigolf WGT edition sensor?

This technology is not recommended for use with golf balls and net during play. Due to the technology of the sensor hitting a golf ball creates vibrations which interfere with your game play and results. It is recommended that for the best game play and results within both the Phigolf and WGT apps you use the included Phigolf swing stick.

How realistic is the distance of my swing and app performance in relation to my golf skill?

  • There are some limits in motion sensing technology which limits speed and distance calculation, since Phigolf does not hit real balls, our swing analysis gives you the benefit of the doubt that you hit the ball squarely at the center of the club head.
  • Our algorithm calculates the distance and other metrics based mainly on swing speed and angle. We pick up the highest speed and the angle that corresponds to that speed from the entire swing and calculate the distance based on this, as the weight of Phigolf Swing Stick is lighter than real clubs so may result in higher swing speed.
  • For advanced golfers this product is not an accurate reflection of golf skill, it is however a fantastic representation of a golf game and will mean you practice more with a club in your hand.
  • Currently there is no setting for children yet, so our simulator calculates speed/distance assuming an adult is hitting with the swing stick. Due to lack of modification (based on height, weight etc.) children’s’ swing speed can be higher than adults.

Setting Up:

How do I turn the Phigolf Sensor on?

  • Fully charge the sensor before first use using the USB cable provided and your own power source.
  • Charge your device for 2 hours, once fully charged the light will remain solid. · To turn on, hold the power button down for at least 3 seconds.
  • If the sensor is not charging, please try using another power source. Some older laptops do not have sufficient power to charge an external device.
  • Don’t use a portable charging battery to charge your sensor.

How do I pair the Phigolf sensor with the Phigolf app?

  1. Turn on Bluetooth however do not attempt to pair the sensor within your Bluetooth settings.
  2. Turn on the sensor by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Open the Phigolf app.
  4. The app will automatically search for the sensor and recognise it on the menu screen of the app.
  5. Touch the ‘Confirm’ button to approve the sensor and you can now use all the functions of the app.
  6. If the sensor doesn’t connect within 10 seconds, press cancel and click “try again” to manually search for the sensor.
  7. You can check your sensor connection status by looking at the small sensor icon at top right side of screen. A red X indicates the sensor is not connected.

How do I pair the Phigolf sensor with the WGT app?

  1. Switch on the Bluetooth function of the mobile device you are using
  2. Open the WGT Golf app
  3. Click the top left menu button
  4. Click ‘Settings’
  5. Click ‘Devices’
  6. Click the Phigolf picture to turn the setting on
  7. Click ‘My Settings’ and “OPTIONS SAVED” will appear
  8. Push the power button on the actual Phigolf sensor and this will be recognized by the app, if necessary, click 'Retry' until the connection is successful
  9. Click ‘Phigolf courses’
  10. Click ‘Wolf Creek’
  11. Select how many holes you want to play
  12. Click ‘TEE OFF’ 13. Click ‘Continue’

Watch our step-by-step Youtube video:

Why is my Phigolf sensor not connecting with either of the apps?

  • Make sure your phone is compatible with the app, your phone must be Apple iOS 9+, or Android 6.0+ and your phone must support Bluetooth 4.1.
  • If you are using an Android phone, make sure you accept ‘location and storage permission’ in the Phigolf App.

How do I register with the Phigolf app?

  1. Go to Settings in the top right corner of the app and select Account.
  2. Press login and you’ll see a registration link under the ID and Password entry space.
  3. Agree to all terms and press ok.
  4. Enter all required fields.
  5. Once you press join you will receive an email from us, make sure you authenticate your email.
  6. You can now login using your newly set ID and password.

How do I register with the WGT app?

  1. Open app and click new player option.
  2. Create your golfer name and click confirm.
  3. Create your personalized avatar and click confirm.
  4. Read and accept privacy terms.
  5. Now save your WGT ID by clicking the WGT icon in the top left of the main screen.
  6. Select ‘My Account’.
  7. Select ‘Save Account’.
  8. Enter your e-mail address and password, and tab “Save”. Or you can save your WGT account by tabbing the Facebook icon.
  9. Once you save your WGT account, you can play the game by entering the saved ID and password on any phone or any other compatible device.

How do I mirror the game onto my TV?

    • You can play Phigolf and WGT on the TV by screen mirroring your phone to a television.
    • There are various ways to mirroring your phone on your TV depending on the TV and mobile phone devices you are using. Please follow the instructions from your manufacturer.
    • Using a HDMI connection
    • Please note: The Phigolf and WGT Apps are not available to directly download and play on Apple TV or Chromecast. You can play the Phigolf or WGT apps by mirroring your phone screen on your TV.

    Can lefthanded golfers use WGT?

    Yes! You can change your preferences to lefthanded swing in the WGT app:

    1. Click top left menu button within the WGT app.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Click Devices.
    4. Click the ‘Phigolf Handedness’ icon to switch between lefthanded and righthanded.

    Can lefthanded golfers use the Phigolf app?

    Yes! You can change your preferences to lefthanded swing in the Phigolf app:

    1. Click left arrow on the main menu
    2. Click my account
    3. Select Left-handed

    How do I change difficulty level in the Phigolf App?

    1. Click left arrow on the main menu
    2. Click my account
    3. Select difficulty level and tee

    Why can’t I play all WGT courses with my Phigolf swing stick?

    • Within the Phigolf WGT interface all users will receive the Wolf Creek Golf Course for free. With a monthly subscription fee of only $1.99 available to buy within the Phigolf app, users can unlock and access the additional courses offered by WGT.
    • Don’t forget you can also play the 8 Phigolf courses within the Phigolf app.

    How do I subscribe to play all WGT courses with my Phigolf Swing stick?

      • You must purchase your WGT subscription in the Phigolf App.
      • Open the WGT menu on the Phigolf App’s main screen and the subscription prompt will appear.
      • After completing payment process, you will be prompted with “Do you want to go to WGT App?” Click yes.
      • On first use after subscription purchase you must open the WGT app through the Phigolf App.
      • When you then go onto the WGT app you will see you can access all the courses.

      What devices are the Phigolf WTG edition compatible with?

      Any smartphone or tablet with Apple iOS 9+, or Android 6.0+ and your device must support Bluetooth 4.1 or higher. To play WGT you must be connected to the internet.

      How much space do I need to set up Phigolf WGT Edition by Topgolf indoors?

      The Phigolf swing stick measures 62cm. You need to make sure you have sufficient room to swing this stick.

      Can I play with my Phigolf WGT Edition offline?

      You can play on the Phigolf app offline with no internet connection, just make sure you download the courses while you have Wi-Fi and these will be accessible even offline afterwards.

      The WGT app however requires a fast internet connection to play.

      Game Play:

      How do I aim and take a swing with the Phigolf swing stick

      To take a swing follow these steps:

      1. If you want to change the direction of your shot click the sensor once, rotate the sensor to choose direction, click again to lock in your aim.
      2. Address the ball – get in position ready to swing. Top tip: Grasp the swing stick with your dominant hand low on the grip and support with back hand at the top of the swing stick. Make sure your wrist does not touch the sensor.
      3. Be still and the App will announce a ‘Ready swing’ (in Phigolf) or ‘Swing your club’ message (in WGT). Top tip: If you move, it will delay the ready message as the sensor thinks you are not ready.
      4. When the message is indicated, swing your club.

      Why is the Phigolf sensor not recognizing my swing?

      • During back swing, if you hold the club too long at the top point, your swing may not be recognized. Please do not stop at any point during the swing. Please note that the sensor records swing motion for 5 seconds after it announces the ready message.
      • If you make other movements that are different from a golf swing, the sensor may not recognize it as a swing.
      • If you swing before the ready message, your swing will not be recognized.
      • If you make random movements after the ready message the sensor may recognize that motion as a swing.

      What is auto-putt on WGT Golf?

      You can select to turn on or off ‘Auto-Putt’ before the start of the game. With it turned on, you will be offered a gimmie instead of trying to putt.

      Why is the Phigolf sensor not recognizing my putting?

      • Putting recognition is more sensitive than a normal swing, as the swing arc is typically smaller.
      • If you putt before the ready message, your putt will not be recognized. If you make random movements after the ready message, the sensor might attribute the movement as a putt.
      • Do not stop at any point during the putt. Please note that the sensor records swing motion for 5 seconds after it announces the ready message.
      • If you make any other movements that are different from the golf putt, the sensor may not recognize it as a putt.

      Can I play Phigolf WGT Edition by Topgolf with my friends?

      Yes! You can play head to head online with your friends in the WGT app or pass and play with the Phigolf app.

      How do I play friends online on the WGT app?

      To play head to head on WGT follow the following steps:

      First you must add a friend in WGT:

      1. Open the WGT app
      2. Connect to your Phigolf sensor as usual
      3. Click the WGT menu in the top left
      4. Click “Friends”
      5. Click “Add Friends”
      6. Click WGT player and input your friends WGT username and search
      7. Your friend will get a notification symbol in the top left to indicate that they have a pending request
      8. Once they accept you can play your friend

      Play a friend in WGT:

      1. Open the WGT app
      2. Connect to your Phigolf sensor as usual
      3. Click top left WGT menu
      4. Click “Play Friends”
      5. Click the friends name you want to play
      6. Your friend will receive an invite

      How do I play all courses on the Phigolf app?

      1. Go to Stroke Game within the app

      2. Press the course you want to play and this will be downloaded to your device

      Why can’t I play for and spend my coins in the WGT Phigolf interface?

      The WGT Phigolf interface is separate from the rest of the WGT game so at this time there is no coin incorporation except gaining coins when you level up.

      Why can’t I use the clubs I have unlocked in WGT?

      There is no additional functionality to using different clubs and balls in Phigolf WGT Edition. Everyone plays with the same equipment.

      Can I play regular WGT tournaments with Phigolf?

      Players using Phigolf are not able to compete in WGT coin games or in regular WGT tournaments. We have tournaments set up specifically for Phigolf users where you will play against fellow competitors who are also using a Phigolf sensor.

      Why can’t I join a tournament in the WGT app?

      You cannot join a WGT tournament whilst using your Phigolf swing stick as the game play is different for Phigolf integration. Specific tournaments for Phigolf players will be available within the Phigolf interface of the WGT app. When a Phigolf tournament in the WGT app is announced it will appear in the Phigolf tournament menu where you can sign up to participate. Please note: if you can’t access a tournament it means there is not yet a tournament available to play.

      How do you find out when tournaments start?

      We run tournaments sporadically and announce these first on social media. Make sure you are following us on, Facebook @phigolfglobal, Instagram @Phigolf_Global, Twitter @Phigolf_Global and on Youtube Phigolf Global to find out first.

      Problem with my sensor

      What should I do if I believe my sensor is faulty?

      Please reach out to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

      What is the warranty period?

      Phigolf WGT Edition by Topgolf has a one-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Purchasers will be entitled to a repair or replacement for a defective product. This warranty starts from the purchase date.

      Still have a question?

      Our friendly customer service team are happy to help, contact us using the form below.