About Us

For over ten years, we at the PhiNetwork team have been creating golf apps and technology products to help golfers enhance their enjoyment of the game. Kim Young Hun is the founder and CEO of PhiNetworks and his passion and love for golf form the basis around which the company operates and continues to strive forwards.

We began our journey towards Phigolf at the start of 2013, setting out to create an affordable and accessible, multi-platform golf game simulator that would allow people to play a round of golf from their own home. Phigolf removes traditional barriers that keep many people away from the sport such as cost, time, distance to the course, expensive equipment, and poor weather.

In 2017 the initial prototype was completed and from there we have fine-tuned our swing analysis algorithm, upgraded the user experience within the app, and exhibited Phigolf at numerous trade shows such as CES in Las Vegas and the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, gaining much attention from the industry along the way.

In 2018 we signed an agreement with Topgolf Media to integrate with their WGT Golf app which so far has been downloaded over 20 million times. Phigolf WGT Edition allows players of WGT to play the game they know and love, now with their real golf swing.

Phigolf WGT Edition is a golf game simulator which is simple to use and enjoyable for all levels of golfing expertise, from absolute novice to golfing pro. By facilitating the use of 2 apps, there is a whole host of ways players can interact with the Phigolf swing stick, including playing world class golf courses like Wolf Creek in single player, WGT head-to-head online, to playing Phigolf pass-and-play with friends and family on ‘Nearest the pin’ mode.

Ready. Swing.

Meet the Phigolf Team

In 2013, we at the Phigolf Team sought to return the thrill of golf back into golf practice. The first prototype of this multi-platform (TV, tablet, smartphone) golf simulation took over 4 years. In the process, not only did we create our own unique swing analysis algorithm, we also built an interactive and realistic golf game from the ground up. Now Phigolf is on the last step towards production. We very much hope that you will enjoy Phigolf as much as we do!